Because your smile was the one to show me the world was beautiful..
— Tian Boothe
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2019 © E.R. Emotional Release

Tian Boothe is the Writer and Filmmaker behind E.R. Emotional Release. Ko-wei Chen is the Orchestrator who works alongside Tian as they compose this narrative music album which explores the romantic side of an emotional catharsis through musical and visual story telling. Cate Kessler is one of the lead Actresses who stars as the love interest the story is based upon.


Tian is a filmmaker centering her work around truth and compassion. With a passion for social harmony, she believes in eliciting certain emotions by telling stories which help inspire change.


Ko-wei is a pianist, arranger, composer and a film composer who was born in Taiwan. She is trained in classical music since she was 4 years old.


Cate was three years old when she walked onto a stage for the first time. After graduating with a top honors BFA in Professional Acting, she continued to pursue the arts in every way that she could.

Watch how it all started below.